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Diet can affect bladder control. From citrus juices, to chilli all kinds of foods can irritate your bladder.

Keeping a bladder diary can help you work out what is affecting you, so you can learn to manage your bladder loss.

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Poise® Liners are specifically designed to help women
control and manage light bladder problems.
They are ideal for when you’re playing sport,
during exercise/fitness classes or
just in case you sneeze.

Poise® Regular Liner

Poise Pack of Regular Liner

Light Liner


16-count pack

30-count pack

  • Ideal for lightest urine leakage.
  • Great for everyday use.

Poise® Scented Liner

Poise Pack of Scented Liner

Light Liner


16-count pack

  • Ideal for lightest urine leakage.
  • With ‘Green Tea’ scent for extra odour control.
  • Great for everyday use.

Poise® Long Liner

Poise Pack of Panty Liners

Panty Liner


16-count pack

  • Ideal for light urine leakage with 15% extra length than regular liner for better protection.
  • Great for everyday use.
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Poise® liners and pads are small, discreet and provide comfortable protection for women with light to moderate urinary leakage. Although they look and feel like regular sanitary pads and liners,

Poise® products are specifically designed to be more absorbent with a top layer that draws wetness away from the skin and a super absorbent core that locks fluid away keeping you dry and fresh