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Ever since I had my children I’ve had a bit of stress incontinence when I pick them up, sneeze, cough etc.

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Please see the below organisations and other resources which provide women and their families with help, information and assistance in understanding light urinary leakage and the options available.

Who can help – Information and Resources

Malaysian Menopause Society

The Malaysian Menopause Society is a non-profit charitable body dedicated to the welfare of the climacteric problems for both women and men and their related disorders. For more information, visit  www.menopause.org.my

NutriWeb Malaysia

NutriWeb Malaysia is a website to empower the public to make wiser choices in the selection and preparation of foods for themselves and their families by providing easy access to authoritative nutrition information. It’s also an avenue where public can interact with selected nutritionists at anytime and any place (as long as they have an internet account). For more information, visit   www.nutriweb.org.my

Huggies® Malaysia

Huggies® is one of Malaysia’s leading baby & child care brands. It provides moms and babies with a complete range of disposable diaper and diaper pants to helps keep skin healthy and babies happy. For more information, visit   www.huggies.com.my

Prince Court Medical Centre

Prince Court Medical Centre is a private healthcare facility located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The scope of services includes cosmetology, burns treatment, plastic surgery, solutions for wellness for men, women & children treatment and consultancy. One of the services offered in Prince Court Medical Centre Women & Children Centre is Urogynaecology which specifically manage woman with incontinence. For more information, visit   www.princecourt.com