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Diet can affect bladder control. From citrus juices, to chilli all kinds of foods can irritate your bladder.

Keeping a bladder diary can help you work out what is affecting you, so you can learn to manage your bladder loss.

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Types of light urinary leakage

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Women with bladder control problems can rely on Poise® liners, and pads for discreet, comfortable protection.

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Light urinary leakage is a common problem amongst many Malaysian women. There are however a range of incontinence products and aids to help regain control and live life with confidence and comfort. From starting and keeping a bladder diary through to pelvic floor exercises can help manage this problem. If you are looking for specific information to manage your condition, you can browse the Poise® site map or even contact us. Our product selector can help you find the right product for you, and if you are still not sure feel free to ask our expert.